Therapy Sessions

The studio in Bos en Lommer where we'll meet for therapy sessionsTherapy sessions Amsterdam

The types of therapy that I offer are explained better in the following pages. All therapy sessions take place in my practice in  Amsterdam Bos en Lommer. You are most welcome to meet me for a session after making an appointment. Also, I offer online therapy sessions through Skype, Zoom or Whatsapp video.

Holistic Coaching &Therapy help you to clarify and understand the difficulties of the situation you are facing. During this process you are guided to look at yourself, your environment and your problems from a different perspective. During these explorations you will be able to break free from old patterns and open up to new possibilities in life again. Read more about Holistic Coaching & Therapy

Relaxation therapy is primarily focused on establishing more and complete relaxation in the system of body-mind-emotions. There are stressful events in life, that are well known to cause more tension and anxiety than other ‘normal’ situations. However,  a large amount of our stress comes from the inside. It often means we are not completely true to ourselves. This is often the result of conditioning and habit. To truly relax means to ease into being yourself and I can help you with that. Read more about Relaxation Therapy

Expat Therapy is therapy by expats for expats about expat life in Amsterdam. Read more about Expat Therapy 

Do you feel you need to express cropped up feelings and emotions? Take a look at our Emotional Release Therapy. During “tailor made” Emotional Release Sessions we guide you to become more aware of the sensations and emotions at the core of your issue, to open up to these feelings and to express them in a direct and dynamic way. The goal is to help you fully meet your deep emotions and experience a possible release. Read more about Emotional Release Therapy