Relaxation Therapy

Relaxation Therapy

Relaxation therapy is a form of therapy primarily focused on establishing more and complete relaxation in the body-mind.

Relaxation therapy and meditationWhen?

  • you feel that (almost) everything you do takes too much effort,
  • you are exhausted
  • you sleep badly
  • you suffer from stress
  • you suffer from chronic (muscle) tension
  • you have a burnout

Then…. it is not a luxury, but really necessary to pay some attention to yourself! Because you don’t have to go through life like this, it can be different!

Relaxation Therapy & Stress Management

Relaxation therapy helps through stress management: during our talks we’ll clarify what the major stress factors in your life are and how to balance them. Aside from that, during some sessions, you will be guided to experience complete relaxation of body and mind through various body-awareness exercises like focusing, progressive and autogenic relaxation training, sometimes combined with breathing techniques.

Also, please take a look at the FROZEN LEAF SELF HOLDING PRACTICE that I offer. A unique relaxation technique that works deeply and immediately and works for everyone, whether you have 0% or 100% meditation or relaxation experience.

These sessions help you to relax and sink into yourself. You will become increasingly aware of the different sensations in your body. You will be able to recognize and distinguish tension from relaxation and will be able to have an experience of loosening and releasing certain emotions that over time may have moved in, unpacked and started living in your body as emotional blockages. This way, through a softening process in the body-mind, your experience of life becomes lighter, easier to bear and you will benefit from this in various areas of your life.

Read this article for more information.

Relaxation therapy can of course be done in single sessions, but I recommend a minimum of 6- sessions.

Individual and/or group sessions

Individual Relaxation therapy will meet your needs as an individual. By getting to know each other in an individual setting, I can adjust the sessions according to your needs. We’ll look at the stress factors and symptoms that you face as an individual: every person is different and experiences stress differently. That way, the sessions can be most effective for you to deepen in relaxation.

Group sessions can be, if you wish, a very nice addition to individual therapy or a great alternative if you’re on a budget: you will practice experiencing direct and complete relaxation in a group setting. The support of the group energy will help you to enter deeper relaxation. In addition to that, you might even meet some nice like-minded people on the same path as you during these sessions. Currently, I’m offering group sessions for Frozen Leaf Self Holding both online and offline.

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