Holistic Therapy Amsterdam

My way of working is holistic. Holistic Therapy is a form of therapy that considers you as a whole; body, mind, spirit and emotions. There is no way of standardizing therapy when considered from a holistic perspective. Every person is different and has different needs on different moments in their life.

Holistic medicine is also based on the belief that unconditional love and support are the most powerful tools for healing.

Also, we take into consideration the reality of non-duality or Oneness.

Holistic Therapy AmsterdamEven if sometimes:

  • it feels that you are missing something,
  • it seems that you are not enough,
  • It seems that you are not ‘ok’,
  • it feels like you are broken

During these sessions I am happy to support you and to help you to open up to and seeing your ‘wholeness’ again.

Considering love as the most powerful healer and you being whole as the truth, we work our way back to that deep, trustworthy sense of self that so many of us lost along the way.

Holistic Therapy can help through:

  • Psychological support and Coaching   which include:
  • – Conversational therapy
  • – Body oriented therapy (bio-energetics, relaxation exercises)
  • – Relaxation training
  • – Meditation ( guided meditations, mindfulness, dynamic meditation, shaking)
  • – Emotional release sessions
  • – Simple lifestyle changes
  • Self Holding sessions through these sessions you meet yourself and your body in a loving and restorative way

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