Holistic Coaching & Therapy for clarity and healing

Holistic Coaching & Therapy for clarity and healing

Holistic Coaching & Therapy can help you to clarify and heal some of the difficulties of the situation you are facing. During this process you are guided to look at yourself and your challenges from different perspectives. During these explorations you will be able to break free from old patterns and open up to new possibilities in life again.

Whether you are dealing with difficulties in relaxing, emotional instability, depression, stress, insecurity or relationship issues, meeting a therapist that speaks your language (or at least, English!) can give you a new view on things through psychological support and coaching.

The type of therapy/ coaching that I offer is excellent for a short path up to around 8-10 sessions.

The studio where we'll meet

What will we do?

Practically, we will talk, use movement or grounding exercises, creative exercises (with help of drawing or lego’s) and relaxation and make use of specific interventions and representations (using objects or symbols) that help look and feel into deeper levels of your mind to bring insight and transformation.

If you are searching for a happier, more natural or lighter way of being, sometimes it is good to check out some of the foundations. What is underneath the stress, fear, anger, sadness?

For everyone, the process is different, but here some examples of what we might do:

  • Looking at the current situation and clarifying: what exactly is the problem I am facing and what do I want?
  • Looking at the inner child: what are my wounds and survival strategies that are ‘in the way’ of me being my original self? And how can I return to my authentic self?
  • Looking at the family system: how have I grown up relating with my parents and close relatives as a child? And how is that influencing or negatively impacting my relationships today?

Apart from exploring and clarifying mentally as well as emotionally and experientially, we will explore presence in the situation:

  • With regards to this situation, How am I in my body?
  • With regards to this situation How am I in my breath?
  • With regards to this situation, Which emotions are present?
  • With regards to this situation, What are my needs?

What is this type of session like?

There will be a professional but informal, intuitive approach. In a safe environment, you will be able to feel and express all your doubts, fears, insecurities, desires etc. Apart from making you feel comfortable, of course the process can also be confronting at times. We will practice being present to uncomfortable feelings like anger, fear, pain, shame, disgust or guilt. The process supports you fully to become the happy person again that you naturally already are, but that you have somehow forgotten to be due to circumstances and painful experiences. And, we will also have a good laugh from time to time!

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Are you not near to Amsterdam or not able to make it to my practice space? An online session is a good alternative.