Relaxation Therapy

Types of Therapy Amsterdam

The types of therapy that I offer are explained better in the following pages. All therapy sessions take place in my practice in  Amsterdam Bos en Lommer where you are welcome 6 days a week after making an appointment.

Relaxation therapy is primarily focused on establishing more and complete relaxation in the body-mind. Read more about Relaxation Therapy

My way of working is holistic. Holistic Therapy considers the the person as a whole; body, mind, spirit and emotions. Read more about Holistic Therapy

Holistic relaxation massage is a gentle Swedish massage during which smooth gliding strokes and pulsing are used to help you relax. It has a fluid and intuitive character to fit the person and the moment. There is less emphasis on working out serious “knots” in the muscle tissue and all the more emphasis on overall relaxation. Read more about Massage Therapy Amsterdam