Coaching & Psychological Support

July 10, 2020

After having suffered from a number of hyperventilation- and anxiety attacks, I went to my physician, some time ago. I got diagnosed with COPD, a rather punishing fact to be confronted with. The illness deteriorated rapidly because I didn’t deal with it properly. Somehow, I was also hoping (in vain) that it would heal all by itself, like the flu.  My livelihood got affected heavily and I soon found myself spiraling downwards and old wounds resurfaced; I needed help urgently.

What a breeze, to find a therapist who turned out to able to adapt from one treatment strategy to an appropriate other! Tessa’s treatment consisted of a mix of relaxation-, meditation-, and mental coaching strategies, to name a few. I went on this trip knowing that I had little to lose. As it turned out, I gained much, much more than I expected. The majority of which can be attributed to Tessa!

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