Wake up! with Tessa

“Wake up!” with Tessa on Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday-Friday in February from 07.30-8.00AM

You are hereby invited to join me as often as you like during the month of February 2021 to start your day in a fresh, joyful, peaceful, and relaxed way!

Many of us are struggeling at the moment, due to the long lasting Corona crisis, Lockdown and also our own personal struggles, which are amplified during this crisis. Having a handle during this time, an (online) place to check into 4 days a week for 30 minutes, can help you

Starting your day in a postive way makes all the difference, and I hereby invite and challenge you, to join me and other enthusiasts for these morning sessions!

What will be on the program?

Tuesdays Wednesdays Thursdays Fridays
Mindfulness & Meditation Self-Holding Grounding & Relaxation Mantra & True Self Reminder

Throughout my life, I’ve practiced many different styles of meditation and bodywork: Mantra singing, Visualization, Vipassana, Breath meditations, classical relaxation training and Mindfulness. Thanks to all these experiences I have been finding myself ever deepening into the true place of rest and I wish the same for you!

Each Tuesday I will pick a nice meditation or mindfulness exercise to do together. On Wednesday we will do some meditative Self-Holding, which is very powerful: it brings you back to your breath, body and presence and helps cultivate a connection with yourself. On Thursdays we’ll do some grounding and relaxation and on Fridays I will pick a beautiful mantra for us to sing, and I will share some wisdom or read a few lines or quotes from inspiring teachers/books.

The sessions are low-threshold and are open to all, young or old, with little or a lot of meditation/relaxation experience.

Want to join? Fill out the contact form below and I’ll send you the Zoom link!


How will we do it?

From 7.20 you can start entering the Zoom room and the session will start at 07.30 sharp. If you’re not in by then, I might not be able to let you in anymore, so please be on time. You can choose to switch on your camera or not. If you don’t use your camera, please make sure you’ve uploaded a profile picture on Zoom, so I can still see who I’m adressing. In case of any inhibitions for the mantra singing on Fridays: you will not be heard, we will sing along with a track, by ourselves 😉

If you are sick and tired of everything being online: well, yes, that is tiring and not so nice. However, during these sessions you won’t have to look at your screen as much, in fact: we’ll often have our eyes closed!

During every session, whether it’s a meditation, self-holding exercise, relaxation excercise or mantra, you will be guided all through the process.

Do I need any props?

No, but a yoga mat or carpet & pillow to sit on is nice. You can also use a chair to sit on.

You are VERY WELCOME to join. Sessions are FREE (donations welcome)

Sessions are FREE for those who find themselves in a period of little financial abundance at the moment: it is understood and you are just as welcome! If you like, these are some support options: 1)  Invite your friends to join, OR 2) Share my website on your social media channels, OR 3)  Write a Google review here OR 4) You can make a small donation using this Tikkie link

SUPPORT: If you do like to contribute, and would like to donate an amount larger than 20 euros, you can use this link to pay and send me an e-mail to notify me after you’ve done so. Thank you in advance!

You can make a small donation (up to € 20,-) using this Tikkie link

Want to join? Send me an e-mail now and I’ll reply with the Zoom invitation.

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