Earth, Womb & Fire

Dear woman,

Would you like to feel solid and grounded?
Would you like to feel connected to your deep inner power?
Would you like to feel free, focused AND feminine?

We welcome you to: Earth, Womb & Fire

This event is an introduction to the 2 Month Program by Claudia Kratzheller : Pleasure – Power – Presence. 

The Topics of this workshop:
Deep Grounding. Solid Boundaries. Clear Focus & some wildness!

What you can expect:

We’ll welcome you to land in your body.

Feeling and sensing in stillness.
With your womb at the center: earth.

Your body and especially your pelvis are your compass to
feel, respect and communicate your boundaries.

We will explore this through various somatic practices.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously, and let’s play…: Fire!
You can Express and Celebrate what it is you want.

You can feel safe, powerful and sensitive!
Be prepared to enjoy yourself.
Can’t wait to meet you!

Keywords: Grounding, inhabiting the pelvis, Dancing, shaking, letting go
The mood: Reflective, interactive and  Playful


Date :              Saturday 15 April 2023

Time:              14.30 – 17.30h

Location:         Youcanyoga

Price:               33,00 euro

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Who are we?

Claudia Kratzheller

Has worked as coach in the business world for over 11 years, facilitating international Leadership trainings, guiding groups and working with people one on one.
After a long career as contemporary dancer she is part of the Contact Improvisation network in Amsterdam and has been teaching Yoga for over a decade in various studios. She developed the Pelvic Grounding Matrix, a series of gentle and centering exercises that help you to move with ease and less effort.

Holistic massage treatments are part of her offer, to help people connect to their bodies integrity.

Quote from a client: “Claudia is in vlees geworden moeder aarde.”

The essence of her work:
supporting you to trust your body as a compass for embodied communication,
to connect, interact and enjoy relationships.


Tessa Curti-Nagtegaal

Over the past 12 years Tessa has worked with individuals and groups mostly in the areas of grounding, relaxation, bodywork, holding space for -and expressing- emotions, understanding relationship dynamics and healing childhood trauma. All her work is about bringing you back to your natural expression which is authentic, free, open, present, joyful and relaxed.

She has a practice space in Amsterdam Bos en Lommer for individual sessions & regularly organizes group sessions with the above themes.