Women’s Retreat

Dear Woman, how about a weekend retreat?

With spring coming soon, getting out in a nature environment, is a very pleasent idea! It’s time we meet and retreat!

Do you want to:

  • Feel more grounded and experience your body as pleasurable

  • Grow self love and learn self holding practices

  • Connect with your individual natural expression as woman

  • Meet other likeminded women



Join the Easter Weekend Retreat from 15 to 17 April 2022!


Friday evening 15 April 19.45- approx. 22.00
Celebration of connecting with each other and Mother Earth

Dresscode: festive, celebrational, something that makes you feel beautiful
19.45 Door open
20.00 Start of retreat with introduction and cirlce
21.00 Sacred earth dance meditation and celebration of sisterhood


Saturday 16 April 09.45- approx. 17.00

Connecting with ourselves, our body and nature in Silence
Dresscode: comfortable, whites or beige/ earthy tones

9.45 Door open
10.00 Start of program in silence with grounding practices, mindfulness, sensuality and self holding
12.30 lunch break and resting in silence
14.00 continuation of program in silence (with excursion into nature if weather allows)
17.00 closing of the day


Sunday 17 April 10.15- approx. 16.00
Dresscode: comfortable and feminine, something that makes you feel beautiful

10.15 Door open
10.30 Start of program with grounding practices, self holding, sensuality and holistic dance practices
12.30 potluck lunch food sharing
13.30 empowering rituals
16.00 closing of the day

Please note:
Schedule subject to change: we will also make an excursion into the surrounding nature on Saturday and/or Sunday
– There are no yoga mats or pillows available, so please bring your own
– Please bring warm socks and a large shawl or blanket.
– Sunday bring your own potluck lunch to share
– Tea, Coffee, lunch on Saturday and snacks are included
– This is a non-residential retreat

Location: A cosy community building in the middle of nature next to Sloterplas
Group size: minimum 10, maximum 16 sisters


Retreat description:

We stay in Amsterdam, yet totally surrounded by nature! The location where this (non-residential) retreat takes place is nothing short of a miracle: It is a cosy and simple but practical community building located directly on the Sloterplas!

Coming together as women creates a powerful energyfield with the potential of healing wounds and nourishing our need for softness and spirituality in our lives.

On Fridaynight, we will start at the end, by celebrating our coming together and giving our gratitude to Mother Earth. Starting like this, we’ll set our individual intentions and allow for our own process to take place. We’ll make the first connections with other sisters joining the retreat and the first connection with the supporting energy of Mother Earth. We will have a sharing circle and do a sacred earth dance meditation.

On Saturday, we will deep dive into silence. This will be a day during which we will practice noble silence. With no talking or eye contact allowed,  we will be deeply rooting into the earth and our own bodies. This will be a day of deep individual process, with grounding work, meditation and self love.

On Sunday, the energy changes again, into a coming together again after this deep dive. We will have sharing circles, we will have a fun potluck shared lunch and will do some beautiful supportive practices and rituals to connect with our deepest selves and highest potential.

A bit more about Grounding practices, Sensuality and Dance

Grounding means being a living being that is fully embodied. Filling up all the cells of the body with your life, your spirit and your presence.
Grounding sessions are about reconnecting with our body, Mother Earth and our universal nature. There will be simple exercises and practices that help you sink deeper into the roots of yourself. These include practices from bio-energetics, shaking, visualisations and holistic dance language.

Sensuality and womb work bring an extra dimension to our practice. It lets the life energy increase and flow freely.  When we come into contact with sensations of pleasure in the body, old stale energies in the body like pain or trauma can make themselves known and vibrate out. We use our movements and subtle sounds to guide these energies to release.

We use dance and movement meditations as a tool to get in touch with our deepest intuition. We are sensitive beings and all the tools for healing are within us. Dance, movement and sounding can be a medicine that your body is longing for. You will be able to dance and voice your own process and find your own ways of releasing tension through the body.

A bit more about Self Holding

Relaxation therapy and meditationSelf holding sessions are about approaching subtle and less subtle tensions stored in the nervous system in a very gentle and loving way. We do this through holding parts of the body in a very specific manner, which will be taught during the  retreat.  You might recognize some elements of this practice from mindfulness, reiki, vipassana meditation, focusing, tantra. However, this self holding practice is completely unique, enormously simple and yet deeply profound! Once you get ‘a hold’ of it, you can use it as a skill for ever deepening the loving connection with your body and yourself.

You can read more about Frozen Leaf Self Holding here.


“How do I sign up?”

Reserve your spot directly by filling out the contact form below or sending a mail to info@relaxation-therapist.com You will then receive more information and a payment link. Your participation is confirmed after payment.

Participation fee: € 225,- incl 21% VAT
Super Early Birds (pay & confirm before 7 March):  € 199,-   incl 21% VAT
Early Birds (pay & confirm before 21 March ): € 215,-   incl 21% VAT
Supporting Sister* (2 spots available): € 160,- incl 21% VAT
*supporting sisters pay less, but help out with some simple tasks like cleaning, organizing coffee and tea and setting up lunch etc. Please send me an e-mail me to apply.

Cancellation policy: Cancellation until 3 weeks before start: full refund. Cancellation between 3 to 1 week before start: 25% of participation fee. Cancellations from 1 week to start are not refundable.

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