Relaxing in Amsterdam

Living in a capital city, even a city as small as Amsterdam, can be a stressful experience sometimes.
But apart from coming to relaxation therapy or meditation classes in Amsterdam, there are many other nice things you can do to relax yourself in Amsterdam.
This city is so beautiful, so why not enjoy it?

Here my list of tips for Relaxation in (and around) Amsterdam:

1. Spa Zuiver

“Zuiver” means “Pure” in English. Spa Zuiver is located right next to the “Amsterdamse Bos”.  This place has a beautiful Spa with different kinds of sauna’s and baths to relax in. Apart from the sauna’s, try the caldarium where you can experience how the ancient Romans relaxed. Just like in the original Roman baths, the benches, walls and floor heat the entire room. So sit back and enjoy the pleasant warmth and silence, you will not regret it. Spa Zuiver often has special offers so the price won’t stress you out either!

caldarium at zuiver

2. The Begijnhof

Sometimes you may just find yourself in the centre of town getting cranky, annoyed and overloaded by all the crowds, sounds, smells… and you just feel you need to take a break from it all! Well, if this happens to you when you are in the Kalverstraat or Spuistraat, hold on a little longer and go looking for the big wooden door to the Begijnhof. (it’s located right next door to the ESPRIT café.) I promise you silence as soon as you’ve entered and walked into the cute courtyard garden. Take a good breath here…

3. Walk along the River Amstel

Even if Amsterdam doesn’t have so many colossal buildings as other, bigger cities have, it’s still hard to find a piece of open sky to stare away at the clouds drifting by. But one great spot for doing just that is along the river Amstel. The river is just wide enough for you to be able to have a good view on the city sky, and walking along its banks can have a very calming effect. Try walking up and down the Weesperzijde for example. You can also view the nice gardens the houseboat owners made in front of their floating houses.

4. Take a breather and relax on Zandvoort beach

You’ll have to get out of Amsterdam for this one, but it’s worth mentioning: by train it takes you 20 minutes to get to Zandvoort beach. There you can do a thing the Dutch call: “Lekker uitwaaien”. Which basically means to let the wind blow through your hair. It’s really worth it to energize yourself here if you feel that you are too stressed, worried and agitated to be able to enjoy yourself. After a few hours in the wind on the beach you will have had some nice breaths of fresh air and you’ll have been able to let the stress simmer down.

relaxing in Amsterdam

5. Get out of town for a more Relaxing Shopping Experience

Ok, shopping has to happen sometimes. But if the crowds in the centre get the best of you, try your luck in Zaandam or Amstelveen once. Both are very easily reached by train from Amsterdam Centre. You see a new environment and shopping there is soooo much more laid-back!

6. Share your tips!

Did you find a nice spot in / around Amsterdam where you find yourself just naturally relaxed? Leave a comment below this article so other people can benefit from it!



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