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Relaxation Therapy Amsterdam

Is your stress level hitting the limit and spiraling out of control? Relaxation exercises can help you deal with everyday stress and stress related health problems. Relaxation techniques can be done by anyone, anywhere and learning some basic relaxation exercises is not difficult at all. Relaxation Therapy Amsterdam

The benefits of relaxation exercises Amsterdam

On body level, relaxation techniques will help you slow down and deepen your breath; reduce your heart rate; lower your blood pressure; reduce stress hormones; reduce chronic muscle tension and reduce fatigue.

But you will also notice changes in behavior and moods: it will actually make you a better and more enjoyable person to be with! You will be getting a better sleep, will feel more fit, will more easily have positive thoughts and because you feel better you will be able to reach out more to support your family or friends.

“You know it’s time to relax when you don’t have time to relax”

To move towards a more relaxed and enjoyable life is a process. Relaxation exercises may take some time to learn but after a while you can do it all by yourself. It may happen that during relaxation therapy, strong emotional reactions like fear, anger or sadness come up. Or even a sort of nervous laughter may happen spontaneously. These are all ways of the human system to clear the way for more relaxation. When these kind of things happen, you know you’re on the right track: tensions are making their way out!

Want more relaxation in your life? It’s up to you!

relaxation therapy amsterdam

It’s important that you recognize the signals of too much stress and too little relaxation in your life. So when you are experiencing headaches, muscle tension, IBS, difficulty in sleeping, irritability and/or mood swings, it is your time to act.

A very simple relaxation exercise

If you want to start right now, while still reading this article, just concentrate on your breath. Feel the way your belly is expanding with every inhale. And how it is automatically falling back with every exhale. Do this for a while. Now, also be aware of the air entering and exiting your nose, while at the same time being aware of the movements of your belly. Do this for a while.

You may find that this simple relaxation exercise already calms down the mind or at least calms and deepens your breath. There you go, your first progress in getting relaxed!

Relaxation therapy can help you become relaxed. Don’t wait for a more relaxed life to come your way. Go out to meet it. Contact me.

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