2 hour Quick Clarity Session

A 2 hour Quick Clarity session to go in depth fast

For new clients: If you have an urgent question you’d like to look at but not much time available,  or no real interest yet to start a process, a quick clarity session could be a helpful tool for you to get insight and a possible shift, so that you can move forward.

In therapy and coaching, there are no quick fixes. But sometimes it helps to allocate time to really make space for a certain issue.

During this short and deep session we start by:

  • exploring your help question

..which can be about a wide range of topics: tensions in the body/mind, relationship issues, issues related to work environment, specific emotions.. etc.


“Why do I have such a difficult relationship with my manager?”

“Where is the stress/ anxiety that I have coming from and what can I do about it?”

“I often burst out in anger. How can I deal with this?”

“It’s difficult for me to feel happy. What am I missing?”

We will then look at questions like:

  • what is the current situation
  • what is the wished situation
  • what are the obstacles/difficulties/challenges
  • what are the underlying emotions
  • what are the dynamics at play
  • what are the causes

and how to move on from here.

Doing this together with an experienced therapist such as myself, helps you to:

  • ask questions you haven’t asked yourself yet
  • gain insights quickly
  • be able to make space for self care, even in the busiest of times

This type of session takes 2 hours and costs € 160,-

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    Are you not near to Amsterdam or not able to make it to my practice space? An online session is a good alternative.