Increase your inner peace through effective therapy in Amsterdam

Increase your inner peace through effective therapy in Amsterdam

Finding tranquility in Amsterdam and establishing a healthy connection with yourself

Being an expat living in the bustling city of Amsterdam, finding a tranquil space for self-reflection, personal growth and healing can be a life saver!

By establishing a healthy connection with yourself and learning to relax, you can discover a deeper sense of peace and mindfulness.

Embracing the holistic approaches that are offered in my practice space can empower you to live a more balanced and fulfilling life. Effective therapy techniques such as inner child therapy, creative exercises like using the drawing board, or working with constellations offer profound ways to process emotions and discover and heal old wounds. From our sessions you will also take away experience and exercises that can be used at home anytime.

Cultivating Mindfulness and Presence

Another invaluable aspect of the work we do in the process of coming back to yourself and healing is not just about addressing past traumas but also about cultivating a more stable connection with the present moment. By learning to be mindful and present, you can improve your daily life experience and social interactions greatly. When we are overthinking, it is hard to understand each other. When we are present, we can really meet. That is why in my practice space we will always work with what is ‘alive in the moment’ rather than preconceived ideas of where the session should go. We trust that the present moment will bring up what is most important for your healing right now.

Accessible therapy

I like to make therapy accesible for everyone. The offered therapy and coaching sessions are informal and therefore very low threshold. You are welcome if you have never been in therapy before.  I also try to focus on offering low-cost services so that more individuals can benefit from professional guidance without financial strain. So if you are looking to increase your inner peace through effective therapy in Amsterdam, please look here for more information about health insurance coverage and tariff here.  Or contact me directly.

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