Dealing with Spiritual Crisis

In this article on Relaxation Therapist Amsterdam I explain what Spiritual crisis is and how to deal with it.

Spirituality can be simultaneously inspiring and confusing. Everyone experiences spirituality in his / her own way. And also the extent to which spirituality is made a part of life varies from person to person. Sometimes it’s a single thought that passes by, sometimes it is a main focus.

What is Spiritual Crisis

Almost everyone will once in their lives have the experience of a spiritual crisis complete with all its peaks, dips and deadlocks.To experience spiritual crisis you don’t necessarily have to be religious or active with spiritual development. Spiritual crises can be very uncomfortable, painful and confusing and mostly arise through confrontation with a new philosophy, new way of thinking and lifestyle but also through confrontation with a traumatic event such as a life-threatening illness, accidents or situations of drastic loss and grief. A crisis may occur when the process of change and growth becomes overwhelming. You may feel that your sense of identity is breaking down, your old values no longer seem true and that the ground of your current reality is shifting. This may result in fear, confusion, anxiety and panic-attacks and you may fear for your own sanity.
Moments of great doubt alternate feelings of strong confidence … it can be a hugely confusing and painful situation that often covers all areas of your life; on a physical, mental, emotional -and behavioral level.

During a crisis we might find ourselves asking questions like: “who am I really, what am I doing here, what is the purpose of my life?”
It might be unexpected, but located at the heart of a spiritual crisis are keys to great spiritual growth. It depends on your situation and your character whether you are able to and/or willing to grasp these keys with both hands.

spiritual crisis

Help / Guidance when dealing with spiritual crises

When you are experiencing such moments of deep confusion, it’s a good idea to talk about it to someone who is completely neutral and that can listen to you without prejudice. An English speaking therapist like Tessa can help you get the most out of this spiritual crisis, not letting this go to waste but to take on the opportunity for great personal and spiritual growth.

Therapy can help you deal with spiritual crisis. Don’t wait, take a step and make a change. Contact us.