About Tessa

Tessa is a Dutch and English speaking psychologist, holistic coach, relaxation specialist and emotional release facilitator.

She has lived the expat-life 18 years ago in New Delhi, India and since her return to Amsterdam, the Netherlands has always found herself naturally surrounded by an international group of people.
She founded her practice in 2009 and her approach is based on the knowledge she has gained through her holistic studies and various supplementary trainings, her well-developed intuition and life-experience. She offers relaxation therapy through conversational therapy combined with various body-oriented exercises, mindfulness, active meditations and emotional release. During these sessions you are viewed from a holistic perspective which means all aspects of life and living are taken into account and you are regarded as being a ‘whole’ – even if some parts of you may seem lost or out of balance. It is Tessa’s mission to help you face the things that challenge you with kind curiosity, find out from experience what is actually happening to you; help you see through what makes you suffer and open your mind beyond limiting thoughts.

Tessa loves to support you in:
Being yourself: (building self-confidence, relaxing in being yourself, dealing with anxiety, burn-out, depression)
Emotions: exploring, experiencing and expressing emotions
Relationships: (finding your way through relationship dynamics)

Tessa is a member of the Dutch professional association BATC, through which her alternative healthcare sessions can partially be refunded by Dutch health insurance companies.

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