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What is Relaxation?

Ultimate Relaxation is when we can truly be ourselves and open to life. To be yourself is totally natural, it’s just that somewhere along the way, through conditioning and habit, we have covered up our truest experience of ourselves with ideas of who we think we are, and how we should be or act. We have begun feeling disconnected and cramped up.

Facing the difficulties of anxiety,  stress, burn-out, panic attacks, insecurity or overwhelming emotions, difficulty in relationships, we are now looking for a way out of trouble. In short, it’s probably the reason why you are visiting this website.  Relaxation Therapy and Psychological Support will help you overcome your challenges and will lead you back to your unique, natural expression. This is an ever deepening process.

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My name is Tessa Curti-Nagtegaal. I am a Dutch and English speaking and relaxation specialist based in Amsterdam. My practice (Since 2009) is a place where you can learn to remember how to fully relax and be yourself.

English speaking therapist Amsterdam relaxation psychologist



Relaxation therapist AmsterdamLooking for an English Speaking Therapist in Amsterdam? These are some of Tessa’s areas of expertise:

RELAXATION THERAPY: relaxing in being yourself, stress management, relaxing body, mind and emotions, relaxation training, mindfulness meditation, dealing with anxiety, burn-out, muscle tension. 
HOLISTIC COACHING & THERAPY: finding self-love, building self-esteem and self-confidence,  depression, sleeping problems, anxiety and panic attacks, IBS, hyperventilation, guidance to start, keep or let go of relationships, dealing with heartache, dealing with emotional pain, dealing with dependency in relationships,
EMOTIONAL RELEASE THERAPY: exploring, experiencing and expressing feelings like anger, sadness, fear and love; dealing with cropped up emotions; freeing yourself from emotional blockages

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