Emotional Release Workshops

Emotional Release Workshops

emotional release therapy workshops amsterdam

Next workshop date:  Saturday 9 February 2019!

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Emotional Release Workshops are designed to make you feel confident enough to open up and release difficult emotions and feelings in a direct and practical way. You’ll be supported to trust that there is light at the end of the emotional tunnel and to take small or big steps out of your fear-zone. 

Why  Participate?

During the workshop on Saturday 9 February, you will be supported in EXERCISING TRUST in a safe and friendly environment.

Trust is vital to be happy. As babies, we trust naturally and unconditionally without even knowing it. Then, if we have been hurt, not respected, rejected or disappointed by meaningful and loved people, we apparently lose our trust. We contract because we are afraid to suffer again, but we end up isolating ourselves, not experiencing the life we want, or having difficulty with relationships and self-esteem.

During this group workshop you will be involved in various relational, meditative and body-oriented exercises to expand and exercise your natural capacity to trust yourself and others and to repair hurt feelings.



Every Emotional Release Workshop is filled with a mix of various practical exercises like:  Sharing moments,  1-on-1 exercises, group exercises, physical exercises like bio-energetics, dancing, shaking, meditating, breathing, voice liberation and expression, playing… There is space to work practically on your individual process with support of the group. All will happen in an appropriate and safe setting  which will make you feel more understood, connected and less alone.

Is this workshop something for you?
This workshop is most suitable for you who:
–       Are open to experiment and discover new things
–       Have the willingness to be honest and true with yourself and others
–       Are courageous and curious (at least for  1 day!); to allow emotions like anger, pain, fear and joy!
–    Want to learn about/ participate in exercises that help you to understand and express your emotions

Have you participated in our previous workshop? Great! You are very welcome to join again as we will use different and similar exercises during this workshop.

Have you not participated in our previous workshop? Great! You are very welcome to join and experience this for yourself! If you like to get to know us before the workshop or have more information, we can arrange a skype call.


10.00-10.15 Entrance

10.15 Introduction & Warming up

11.00 Various Exercises

12.30 Lunch Break (please bring your own lunch)

13.30 Various Exercises

15.30 Group Sharing

17.00 End of the workshop

Group facilitators: Somesh Valentino Curti and Tessa Nagtegaal

Cost: 75 euro per person  

Reservation: Due to a limited number of places available, you need to book this workshop in advance. To reserve a place, please fill out the contact form. After that, you will be requested to make the payment. After the payment has been made, your subscription for the workshop is confirmed.

Please note: Wear comfortable clothes, or bring a change of clothes, your own  light lunch and a bottle of water.

This is a video we made before and after one of our previous workshops.

Join our next Emotional Release group on 9 Febuary 2019 in Amsterdam, send us a message now!

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