Relaxation Massage

Holistic relaxation massage is a gentle Swedish massage during which smooth gliding strokes and holistic pulsing are used to help you relax.

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It has a fluid and intuitive character to fit the individual person and moment. There is less emphasis on working out serious “knots” in the muscle tissue and all the more emphasis on overall relaxation. During a 60-minute full body massage you will receive a massage of the back, shoulders, neck, arms and legs. The 90-minute massage will also cover a wonderful soft massage of the feet. During all massages a neutral almond oil will be used and in addition the purest of essential oils like lavender oil, rosemary oil, geranium oil or special blended oils might be used to support your relaxing experience. As extra positive side-effects a massage can help increase body awareness and helps release toxins from the body.

Perhaps you have been to Chinese massage before or you’ve experienced a massage in a Spa or Massage center. But in my peaceful practice I create an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation with a personal touch. Our only goal is relaxation and I really take time for that. Therefore I do not plan many massages in one day so that I can be fully present for you. And that’s just why during this massage you will be able to relax so well. Note: for massage please  make an appointment at least 1-2 days in advance!

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