Self Holding Sessions

Self Holding practiceWhat are Frozen Leaf Self Holding Sessions?

Frozen leaf self holding sessions are about approaching subtle and less subtle tensions stored in the body-mind in a very gentle and loving way. We do this through holding parts of the body in a very specific manner, which will be taught during a group training or a private session.  You might recognize some elements of Frozen Leaf practice from mindfulness, reiki, vipassana meditation, focusing, tantra. However, this self holding practice is completely unique, enormously simple and yet deeply profound! Once you get ‘a hold’ of it, you can use it as a skill for ever deepening the loving connection with your body and yourself.

Some of the benefits of practicing Frozen Leaf Self Holding are:Relaxation therapy and meditation

  • Feeling more grounded
  • Being more in touch with the body (literaly! 😉 )
  • Growing self love
  • Feeling more relaxed, at ease and spacious in the body
  • Being more connected to yourself, your body and the world
  • Feeling present, awake and aware
  • Having a more open, more relaxed and deeper breath

Learn this through individual sessions:

Book your first individual session in which you are introduced and immediately trained to this skill! We’ll need about 2 sessions to get to know the practice, after that you can already start practicing for yourself or deepen your practice together with me.  Just contact me using the contact form below!

Online Group sessions will be available again soon through Zoom!

Zoom self holding

You can learn this practice during a mini course on Zoom, to which anyone who is interested to learn this new practice can subscribe. New dates will follow soon. Send me an e-mail to express your interest or fill out the contact form below:

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This is what others said about the Frozen Leaf Self Holding Course:

“Practicing self-holding means being kind to yourself, creating space in which you dedicate time and attention to your body and soul. We are often so occupied by our daily life and routine that we do no realize we all have this need, this is why everyone should experience the Frozen Leaf practice at least once. Continued practice results in stronger connection with yourself, with the feelings that arise with the gentle touch of your body, relaxation and deeper awareness of the links between emotions, experiences and certain parts of your body. I personally felt grounded, self loved and peaceful after every session.” ~ Desirée, Frozen Leaf course participant


“I would recommend the Frozen Leaf method to anyone who would like to learn how to regularly take a pause from pressures, anxieties and demands of life to offer yourself a little space and gentleness. The practice quickly helped me see how I prioritize productivity over self-care on a day-to-day basis. It has helped me to recognize and dissolve habits of harshness. Frozen Leaf encourages slowing down, tuning in, and offering kindness and gentleness to myself, which allows me to offer that gentleness and openness to others.” ~ Devon, Frozen Leaf course participant


“I had not heard of the Frozen Leaf technique before, so were curious to try it out and see if it could benefit me. The experience was very positive! Already within 2-3 sessions, I was able to focus and feel the effects of the technique on my state of mind and emotions. Thank you, Tessa, for introducing me to the self-holding technique! I would recommend this to those who would like to get more in touch with their own body. I will keep practicing at home.”  ~Arun, Frozen Leaf course participant

To learn this beautiful way of connecting with yourself contact me for more info and reserve your session!