Health insurance reimbursement for relaxation therapy

Therapy will be partially refunded by some health insurance companies in 2021

This is because I am a member of the Dutch Professional Organization “Belangen Associatie Therapeut en Consument” (BATC) Check the health insurance policy of your Dutch insurance package and take a look in the list here below to see if your health insurance refunds your sessions. International health insurance or International Students insurance will mostly also provide a refund for these sessions. Please contact your international health insurance provider for more information.

Treatment with me is a free choice, you do not need a letter of referral from the GP. When you are already being treated by a doctor/specialist I would like to ask you to inform him/her when you also start treatment with me.

To clarify: I am not a doctor but Paramedical Medicine Naturopath/ Psychologist. Besides many certificates of supplementary studies, I own the diploma HBO Holistic Coaching, the HBO Medical knowledge diploma and HBO Psychosocial knowledge diploma (cum laude).

TARIFF NATUROPATH CONSULT (with health insurance refund – alternative health care):

  • 1 hour session    € 75,-

– For Emotional Release sessions, additional costs may apply
– Prices incl. 21% BTW/VAT

Would you like to know for sure if your treatment will be reimbursed by your Dutch health insurance? 

Please call your health insurance and ask if a “natuurgeneeskundig consult” will be refunded. Give them the following details in case they ask for it:

Registratienummer Kamer van Koophandel: 27352551
BATC Beroeps Registratie nr: BR- 1778
AGB Zorgverlenerscode: 90-045114
AGB Praktijkcode:  90-53775

You can make an appointment by phone, e-mail or through the contact form.

Cancellation of sessions is possible for free until 24 hours before the appointment. Cancellations within 24 hours will be charged 100%.


Health insurance reimbursements

PLEASE NOTE: To be 100% sure, it is your responsibility to always call your health insurance to check if there will be a refund for ‘natuurgeneeskundig consult’ with a therapist who is member of BATC.

The following Dutch health insurances may have partial reimbursement:

Prestatiecode: 24506 Counseling:                              Achmea, Zilveren Kruis, De Friesland, FBTO  |  Nationale Nederlanden, Cz Direct, OHRA, CZ: 

Prestatiecode 24005 Natuurgeneeskundig Consult: AGIS, Anderzorg, De Amersfoortse, De Goudse, Ditzo, IK-zorg, Kiemer, Lancyr, Menzis,  PNOzorg, Salland, Take Care Now, Turien & Co, vvAA, ZieZo 


AGIS / Zilveren Kruis Achmea 50+ Comfort Max plus TakeCareNow

Anderzorg Extra Jong

Avero / Achmea Beter Excellent Juist voor jou Royaal Max Start Max

Azivo Top TopExtra C4me (avero/achmea) CZ politie CZ direct De Amersfoortse De Friesland De Goudse

Delta Lloyd Ditzo Zorgbeter Zorgbest FBTO Alternatieve Geneeswijzen IK-zorg (avero /achmea) Kiemer (De Friesland) Beter Best

Lancyr (delta lloyd) Comfort Compleet Extra Menzis  OHRA Aanvullend Extra Aanvullend Uitgebreid

OZF Achmea Compact Royaal PMA (Menzis) Verzorgd Extra Salland Plus Top Turien & Co (Avero/Achmea) Primair Prima Privilege

Zilveren Kruis Achmea Aanvullend ZieZo

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